Hermont Tire mainly focuses on customer centric service by designing our service in the most innovative method. Changing tires on customers’ location and providing emergency roadside assistance that our valued customers need most. Our vision is to create a one stop tire shop where customers may store, purchase and simple maintenance with less time consumption. We provide both mobile and in-store service depending on preference of the customer. With an honest opinion about which tire you need for your vehicle, our main mission is to deliver the most valuable and reducing time consumption from simple maintenance like oil change to tire change towards our valued customer by providing our service either at customers’ doorstep or ready to go shop.
Danny Lee was a former tire technician who always wanted to change the automotive industry into something more innovative to make it more efficient and be able to build trust relationships between the customer and the service provider. In 2018, Hermont Tire's journey started at his parent’s driveway as a mobile tire tech and slowly integrated the mobile tire service towards passenger vehicles. The company mission and vision were reflected from his goal to develop an efficient basic maintenance program towards both retail and fleet customers whose times are valuable.